Many industries struggle to find stainless steel products that are built to their specifications and meet their quality standards and delivery deadlines. Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel has over 50 years of experience fabricating stainless steel components. Quality, flexibility, scalability, and speed are hallmarks of the Wisconsin-based, family-owned company. However, what sets us apart is our business approach. Behind every stainless steel product is a personal relationship.

Stainless Steel Products

Primarily, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel fabricates stainless steel components for all industries. These products include:

  • Custom-made stainless steel components 
  • Stainless Steel Receiver Jars
  • Anderson Pump and pump parts
  • Floor Mounting frames
  • Stainless steel moisture traps
  • Plexiglas cover & gaskets

Quality Stainless Steel Components

The craftsmen at Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel fabricate stainless steel products that meet customer specific standards. For example, the food grade stainless steel tanks are polished with metal finishes designated for the food industry.

Flexible and Scalable

Whether a client is looking for ones and twos or larger volume production, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel has the capability to get it done. Macro-fabricators manufacture large quantities at a time, but that’s not the case at Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel. Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing’s craftsman fabricate quality stainless steel components with the attention to detail that each order requires.

Desirable Turn-Around Times

Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing knows that its clients have deadlines to meet and production schedules to keep. For this reason, our team strives to work within their timetable to deliver products on time. Delays sometimes occur when materials are difficult to source. When this occurs, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing keeps the client up-to-date on progress and solution to the delays.

Serving You from the Upper Midwest

From its manufacturing shop located in Northeast Wisconsin, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing from fabricates high quality, custom stainless steel components for all clients. For all of your custom stainless fabrication needs, please contact us today. Our facility is open 6am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday.

The legacy of Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing lives on today in the professional fabrication of tanks, pumps, and accessories for the dairy & food, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors.


Anderson Pump
Receiver Jar
Jumbo Trap
Receiver Jar with Milk Inlets
Floor Frame
Vacuum Diaphram

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