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Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing is a family-owned stainless steel fabrication company that puts people first. Company leaders practice servant leadership to empower and uplift employees. By enhancing the development of team members, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing unlocks their creativity, potential, and sense of purpose. Powered by a perfect balance of experienced craftsman and youth & enthusiasm, the Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing team develops personal relationships with the clients whose orders they fill. What sets us apart is the talent and enthusiasm of our team.

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Stainless Steel Products

Primarily, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing fabricates stainless steel components for all industries. These products include:

  • Custom-made stainless steel components 
  • Stainless Steel Receiver Jars
  • Anderson Pump and pump parts
  • Floor Mounting frames
  • Stainless steel moisture traps
  • Plexiglas cover & gaskets
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Custom Food Grade Tanks & Accessories

In addition to manufacturing stainless components for all industries, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel also fabricates tanks, pumps, and accessories for pharmaceutical, brewery, food, and industrial sectors. Custom, polished, food-grade stainless steel tanks and other stainless products are built to client specifications.

Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing’s 50-year Legacy

Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing has been fabricating quality custom stainless products for over 50 years. The company began writing a new chapter in 2021 with the next generation of craftsmen, new ownership, and a location change. In 2021, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing renovated a facility in Lena, Wisconsin, into a modern manufacturing space that allows for flexibility and scalability. In Wisconsin, machinists experienced in all aspects of fabricating steel components are keeping the Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing legacy thriving.

Serving You from the Upper Midwest

From its machine shop located in Northeast Wisconsin, Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing fabricates high quality, custom stainless steel components for clients in Wisconsin and throughout the Upper Midwest. For all of your custom stainless fabrication needs, please contact us today. The machine shop is open 6am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday.

The legacy of Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing lives on today in the professional fabrication of tanks, pumps, and accessories for the dairy & food, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors.


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Receiver Jar with Milk Inlets
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