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Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing is a 50-year-old stainless steel fabricating company with a rich legacy of customer satisfaction. To help customers understand the Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing stainless-steel approach to stainless steel fabricating, here is a list of frequently asked questions.

A: Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing understands that clients have milestones to reach and production schedules to keep. Our team strives to work within their timetable to deliver stainless steel fabricated products on time. Essentially, lead time depends on a number of factors. One current challenge is the ability to acquire source materials in a timely fashion. Please call us, and we’ll provide a time estimate for your stainless project.

A: Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing is not the cheapest fabricator in the industry. However, prices are fair and competitive. We fabricate custom, high quality, polished food grade steel tanks for the dairy industry and other stainless products built to your specifications. The cost of raw materials is so volatile that prices change rapidly. Please call us, and we’ll provide a price estimate for your stainless project.


  • Custom-made stainless steel components 
  • Stainless Steel Receiver Jars
  • Anderson Pump and pump parts
  • Floor Mounting frames
  • Stainless steel moisture traps
  • Plexiglas cover & gaskets

A: Yes. Revolution Industrial Services, the parent company of Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing, offers installation services. Revolution Industrial Services is a Northeast Wisconsin-based industrial contractor providing machinery installation, relocation, alignment, and maintenance, plus custom carbon steel and aluminum fabrication. Please call us, and we’ll provide a quote for equipment installation and related services.

The legacy of Ben H. Anderson Manufacturing lives on today in the professional fabrication of tanks, pumps, and accessories for the dairy & food, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors.


Anderson Pump
Receiver Jar
Jumbo Trap
Receiver Jar with Milk Inlets
Floor Frame
Vacuum Diaphram

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